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Sean Paul. Musician. Jamaican. Dedicated Dancehall Artist. Producer. Family Man.

Sean Paul. Musician. Jamaican. Dedicated Dancehall Artist. Producer. Family Man.

Superstar SEAN PAUL tells CARIBBEING why he has #MADLOVE for Caribbean CULTURE + HERITAGE and the power of DANCEHALL music.

CARIBBEING: Describe yourself in 10 words or less?
SEAN PAUL: Hmmm...Musician, Jamaican, Dedicated. Dancehall artist. Producer. Family man. 

CARIBBEING: Tell us your story...(How did you get to where you are today)?
SEAN PAUL: That’s a long story...I’ve always loved music, at first I thought I’d be a music producer then someone told me to try vocals and it just took a turn from there. My main collaborator over the years has been my brother Jigzag - he comes from a Sound System background and we have always been students of Dancehall & we always stay true to our culture. I've had a lot of influences and guidance along the way and I've worked hard at what I do so I guess that’s the short version.

"The musical and cultural footprint of the Caribbean is such a powerful thing.  I'm proud to be part of it."

CARIBBEING: What is your earliest Caribbean memory?
SEAN PAUL: I was born and raised in Jamaica so all my early memories are Caribbean. I think the strongest early memory of the Caribbean was competing for Jamaica in the CARIFTA swim meet. I met a lot of swimmers from other Caribbean territories there.

CARIBBEING: What does it mean to you, to be of Caribbean heritage/descent?
SEAN PAUL: Being Jamaican is amazing. Just being born in the same country as the great Bob Marley is something to be in awe of... the musical and cultural footprint of the Caribbean is such a powerful thing. I'm proud to be part of it.

Sean Paul, David Guetta - Mad Love ft. Becky G


CARIBBEING: How do you believe your work is influenced by your Jamaican [more broadly Caribbean] heritage and where you were born/raised? 
SEAN PAUL: All my music is Jamaican in origin...I was born in Kingston so artistes like Lt.Stitchie, Shabba Ranks & Supercat are amongst my dancehall influences and helped shape my style, they were influenced by those before them and so on and so on. Ska became Rocksteady and Rocksteady became reggae and Reggae birthed the heritage has always been part of the music.

CARIBBEING: What is your favorite Caribbean person/place/thing?
SEAN PAUL: The Caribbean is full of beautiful places and I've been lucky enough to travel to many of them...but Jamaica is home to me and the most beautiful part of it is Port Antonio. I also LOVE Jamaican food and look forward to it whenever I'm heading home from tour.
CARIBBEING: What's something most people don't know about you?
SEAN PAUL: That I used to swim and play water polo for Jamaica.
CARIBBEING: What is your favorite Caribbean saying?
SEAN PAUL: I love the way we twist English and constantly invent new slang words in the Caribbean...there are too many sayings to choose just one. I do love how often we use "Bless" as a greeting though.
CARIBBEING: What are you listening to? 
SEAN PAUL: I have done a lot of music over the last few years so I listen to myself a lot (laughs).  I also am about to release the first album for (Jamaican dancehall artiste) ChiChingChing on my Dutty Rock Productions label...the remix to his first single "Rock Di World" is out now and features Fatman Scoop as well as AfroBeat artistes StoneBoy & check that out.  Also my first single of 2018 "MadLove" was released on Feb 16th & features the Latin singer BeckyG & the legendary David I'm hearing that a lot now!

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See Sean Paul with Special Guest Walshy Fire Live at Kings Theatre on Thurs, Mar. 22nd
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