caribBEING is committed to improving by continually innovating.

For the past 7+years, CARIBBEING has been synonymous with engaging, thought-provoking, and authentic programming.  We partner with individuals and organizations who enable us to meet the needs of our communities.  



CULTURE + ART + FILM are core to our mission. We find + showcase outstanding work by Caribbean creators in many different mediums. Our programs have been presented at the Brooklyn Museum, BRIC, Brooklyn College’s Whitman Theater, Flatbush Dutch Reformed Church, Brooklyn Public Library’s Caribbean Literary and Cultural Center, MoCADA, ReRun Theater, Pulse 48, Maysles Cinema, TriBeCa Cinema, Queens Museum of Art, Caribbean Fine Art Fair in Barbados, the 13th Annual Summer Film Academy in Poland, the Caribbean Film Forum and Market in Havana, Cuba, and at the 41st Annual Caribbean Studies Association in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. From New York to London to Kingston to Toronto to Port-au-Prince, the Caribbean is diverse and rich in its heritage—boasting an abundance of traditions, languages, tastes, and aesthetics. Naturally, the wide cultural foundation of the region (and its Diaspora) is a source for artistic and cinematic creation. CARIBBEING embodies the verve to be surrounded by it all.




Enter the world of CARIBBEING, where Caribbean culture + heritage is a way of life. Discover thoughtfully designed goods from foiled #IAMCARIBBEING statement sacs to hand-illustrated Caribpolitan textiles to 10K CARIBBEING Royalty enamel pins in our online shop. The collection draws inspiration from the Founder and Chief Curator Shelley V. Worrell's passion for Caribbean travel + art + culture + history. What started off as an experiment transformed into a collection of unique + unconventional things that you can wear + use + incorporate in everyday life. SHOP at and Fridays-Sundays at the CARIBBEING House.

Little Caribbean

New York’s Caribbean community spans the city’s five boroughs, but its heart is tucked away in Flatbush, aka Little Caribbean. Eateries with homestyle island cooking sit alongside colorful markets, mas camps, and record shops. In this corner of Brooklyn, you will find someone from every island in the Caribbean, each with their own story to tell. It is the place CARIBBEING was born. Come explore with us at

Illustration: Andrea Pippins for Caribbeing

Illustration: Andrea Pippins for Caribbeing


Caribbeing House

The CARIBBEING House is where our pulse originates. Sleek and innovative in its design, the multipurpose space is located in the heart of Flatbush, Brooklyn. Floor-to-ceiling windows and raw wood interiors give this former shipping container edge and modernity. What’s more—the CARIBBEING House can travel and is often found at block parties, design/art fairs, museums and community gatherings.


Fall/Holiday Hours*
• Fridays 4-8
• Saturdays 12-8
• Sundays 1-5
*Subject to Change

The CARIBBEING HOUSE is mobile.  

Uses include: art exhibitions / curated cultural experiences / trunk shows / film screenings / book readings /  community events


Today’s Caribbean community is more expansive and geographically diverse than ever before. As Caribbean peoples and their descendants move across the globe, there has been a marked shift in cultural capital. No longer separated by sea, Caribpolitans bridge the waters by forming new “villages” in diasporic enclaves like Flatbush, Brixton, and Brampton. For most Caribbean immigrants, urban life is their first encounter with neighboring islanders, and the similarities are undeniable. As a united people, Caribpolitans successfully transform and navigate spaces in metropoles while infusing Caribbean culture and ethos. Learn more at

Illustration: Andrea Pippins for Caribbeing

Illustration: Andrea Pippins for Caribbeing