Based in Brooklyn, New York (aka Little Caribbean), CARIBBEING is a hub for creativity and collaborations with some of the Caribbean's most visionary talent and innovative brands. We are a thriving cultural platform that stands at the crossroads of culture + art + film.  

The passion behind CARIBBEING began in 2010 when Founder Shelley V. Worrell launched the Flatbush Film Festival to address the deficit of Caribbean cultural programming in New York City. Following its success, in 2012 CARIBBEING expanded its mission, producing its first exhibition “Spirit of Carnival” at Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts (MoCADA), and “Carnival Panorama”, the largest public program coinciding with the Caribbean: Crossroads of the World show in partnership with Queens Museum, Studio Museum in Harlem and El Museo del Barrio. Since then, CARIBBEING  has curated over 200 experiences reaching 100k+ attendees with leading cultural institutions and brands such as AirBnB, Brooklyn Museum, BRIC, Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO), and Tribeca Film Festival, to name a few.  We’ve also taken CARIBBEING international with film screenings in Poland (2012), France (2013), Barbados (2014) and Haiti (2016) and to symposia in Cuba (2014) and Haiti (2016).  

From its humble beginnings, CARIBBEING has grown into an award-winning brand with partnerships that span the globe. Today, CARIBBEING’s commitment remains: to deliver thought-provoking, culturally relevant content and experiences to individuals who crave Caribbean inspiration.  


  • We celebrate Caribbean heritage authentically

  • We create memorable experiences wherever we go

  • We are inclusive...representative + culturally relevant

  • We are trendsetters + influencers that are immersed in the global Caribbean experience

  • We are omnipresent → our audience + engagement extends online across all platforms


  • In just under 5 years, CARIBBEING has become a leading Caribbean lifestyle + heritage platform, producing over 200 curated events for over 100k attendees. Led by a group of young influential tastemakers from diverse backgrounds, CARIBBEING is redefining Caribbean culture, by curating experiences online and offline.

  • CARIBBEING is well on its way to being the most pervasive and innovative Caribbean lifestyle + entertainment brands.  We’re creating a 360° platform that will stand out amongst its peers and reach audiences where it matters: the Caribbean & the Diaspora.  

  • We’ve partnered with leading brands and cultural institutions including AirBnB, Tribeca Film, Brooklyn Museum, Studio Museum in Harlem to name a few.


  1. Cultural Representation: Beyond sun, sand, and sea...we facilitate understanding about Caribbean culture, traditions, lifestyle, and identities.  

  2. Unified Caribbean Experience: We celebrate the entire Caribbean region and its Diaspora...our platform transcends nationality, language, race, ethnicity, and gender.  

  3. Community Connection: We bring the Caribbean to diverse audiences both online and offline in addition to keeping Diaspora connected with their cultural heritage.